The Start of My Line Drawing

People sometimes ask me when I started doodling, expecting to hear some note-worthy story I suppose.  To which I think, “Oh give me a break – there’s no big secret behind doodling!”  I didn’t experience some great ah-ha moment and then decide to make doodling a lifestyle.  It just is and seems like it always has been a part of who I am.   Like most other line-art enthusiasts, I can remember that years ago I found myself making scribbles whenever and wherever I happen to be.  In my youth it was in my coloring books – always adding more to the picture, in the margins and such.  I doodled on my school books – “I love Rodger”  “I hate History class” “Peace Man!”  LOL  You know the stuff I’m talking about.

Now I *mostly* put pen markings in sketch books, on greeting cards, in my art journals.  Yeah, I still include them on the occasional scrap of paper or the corner of a business agenda when I’m in yet another boring meeting.  Some things never do change I suppose.  Like coloring pages too.  As an adult I still love coloring!  Crayons, markers, paints, pencils – they all get used in my projects.  Honestly – whether it be in a child’s coloring book, adding tints to a stamped image, or working on a doodle in my journal – I find filling in white space with color very relaxing.  Sometimes I spend more time coloring than I do drawing!

Why I Line Weave (Doodle)

Because I find it relaxing and self fulfilling. Line weaving/doodling is an art form that offers total freedom to be me.  I haven’t taken any formal classes on drawing realistic type pictures and while I do admire artists with such talents – I rather enjoy the craziness and non-traditional forms I wind up with in lines drawn just for fun.

I do believe that today, doodling is a respected art form – especially the repetitive pattern type style sometimes referred to as Zentangle® or Zendoodling.  This happens to be a style I’m enjoying right now more than others.  I get a sense of accomplishment with each piece I do even when it’s just a little scribble on a paper napkin.  I get a tickle in my heart when someone compliments my scribblings too.

I spend my work day in a military environment where the general rule is “stay between the lines.”  Thankfully, my art breaks me out of that daily regiment and gives me the relief my brain needs to relax.  My sketches, scribbles and doodles are for the most part a figment of my imagination.  Usually they are not pre-conceived at all.

I create heart-music on Native American flutes which is simply music generated on the spot, from the heart – notes played as they come to mind and aren’t written on paper or repeated exactly the same in concerts.  And with my drawings it’s the same way.  I add the lines to paper as they come to mind and as the mood suites me. No real rules are applied.  Aaaahhhhh…. just the way I like it – free flowing and without any requirements.

Repeat Pattern Art/Line Weaving is especially helpful to me in managing pain.  Besides just for pleasure I do much of my line weaving specifically to help with pain-management.  As a chronic migrainer I find that line weaving helps me relax my senses and move into a peaceful rhythm of “blank” thoughts rather than focusing on pain points.  Although there are times when I can’t physically weave my tangley patterns due to light sensitivities, I can “wrap lines” around in my mind in a similar way to drawing on paper and this too can be just the right thing to help soften some of my discomforts and relax my over-sensitized nerves. Whether I am line weaving on paper or tangling weaves in my mind – I am a person who can vouch 100% for the therapeutic benefits of the Line Weaving/Zentangling art form.

I also play with several types of art/media like rubber stamping, card making, collaging, scrapbooking, etc. Line-art drawings is one of the few artful activities I can do without making a sizable mess – and I can enjoy it while spending time with my husband.  The supplies are minimal and easy to transport where ever I go.  So I guess one could say it’s a practical art form for me too.

However, I like to look at the non-practical and “just for the fun of it” side of my scribbles.  That’s what makes creating this type of line-art the most enjoyable for me.  With each piece I do the end result can bring about different emotions or ideas (that have been known to change unexpectedly with every viewing).  Sometimes by simply turning the palette I experience a new awakening.  Many times I don’t even know which way would be considered “up”.  And I think I like it that way.

Besides being relaxing and self fulfilling – drawing doodley lines help make my life whimsical and fun.

A Special Thanks

If I’m not involved in making something, then I’m probably thinking about my next art project or rolling new tangled patterns around in my wee brain.  I have a creative spirit that never seems to take a break.  It’s a part of me that I like and enjoy.  I gain internally by growing this side of me more than any other.  And I do believe I’ve taken pleasure in growing in my artful ways primarily due to my Mother who has also shared her creativity over the years.  To her I owe a giant THANK YOU for so many things and especially for her encouragement to my muse to keep creating and enjoying the little “doodley” things in life.

Sharing My Art

I get a giggle out of sharing my artwork with you here and in other places on the web.  Please note that my designs are copyright protected. Because I post them online does not give people permission to take them.  Do not steal my art.  I take great pride in the things I create and I sell some of my art (in several formats) for those who want to own something that includes a design that I’ve made.  Please contact me if you are interested in buying any of my designer pieces or want me to create something just for you!

If you are a Line Weaver, Tangler or Doodler yourself, you are welcome to incorporate any of the individual design patterns into your own art pieces.  If you share your art with others and want to include a link back to my blog as a reference for the patterns that I designed – I’d truly appreciate it.  Link love is always welcomed!

How Can I Contact you?

The fastest way to get in touch with me is via email: cindyangiel[at]gmail[dot]com is the email box I sort through, read, and answer before any others.  Give me a shout.  I’d love to hear from you.