Hi!  My name is Cindy. 

Some folks know me by my nickname, PaintChip.

I am a mixed media artist, trainer/speaker, lifestyle coach, and author.  I also wear the hats of mom, grandma, and wife too.  Isn’t it funny how we define ourselves by what we do and the many roles we play in life?!

My artful activities began in my youth as a natural extension of a mind that could not be still.  Constantly dreaming of the next creative project – I simply had no choice but to use my hands and mind to explore and create new things.  Almost as if against my own will I was bursting with creative energy daily… hourly… minute-by-minute.

I did a fair amount of multimedia art for many years as I fine-tuned my creative expressions.  Today my art studio is primarily filled with tools, toys, and supplies used on paper-based projects, which happens to be my favorite medium.  Although I still have a wide variety of media I enjoy experiencing, including music and other performing arts – now I mostly create mixed media fine arts.

There’s never a boring moment in my art studio and rarely a clean space either!

I use creativity as therapy for relief from chronic daily migraine disorder.  And through my coaching practice I help other migraineurs learn to do the same as we manage our lives around our healthcare challenges.

This blog is a rambling of my creative activities.  My little spot on this big ol’ world wide web where I can share tips, resources, and inspiration with other web-wanderers who pop in for a visit.


Thank you for sharing some of your time at the Rainbow Elephant!

About Sharing My Art:

Please note that all information and photos on my blog are copyright protected.  They may not be reproduced or redistributed without my written permission.  If you are interested in purchasing any of my art or using my training materials in a commercial setting, please contact me directly.

Repeat Pattern Design Permissions:

My pattern worksheets and steps are copyright protected.  However, you are welcome to incorporate into your own art pieces the patterns you draw from them.  If you share your art with others and want to include a link back to my blog as a reference for the patterns that you used – I’d truly appreciate it.  Link love is always welcomed!

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