Art Doll Tips

Hello Friend!  If you’re visiting this page it’s because you’re participating in the Pocket Page art swap hosted by Janelle in the community forums – and you’ve been gifted a set of doll parts to play with.

So here’s the deal – I used to have an ATC Doll Kit product in my online store.  I took it offline when I made some website changes and I haven’t put it back on the shelf yet.  Primarily because the contact info in the product pages needs to be updated.  Nevertheless, I do have a copy of the instructions here for you to view.  Just ignore the contact info inside, because the email address, etc. is outdated.  One of these days I’ll get’er fixed up and put back on line.

In the mean time – I hope you find the instructions and tips helpful to you in creating an Art Doll ATC of your own.  And I hope you liked the Pocket Page I sent to you.  It was fun making all the ATCs.

Hugs and Well Wishes,


Click this link to open/download the instruction sheet: ATC-Dolls-Instruct-TOU



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