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Senior Picture Time!

We went to the botanical gardens at the park this week. Took a few pictures of Our Boo before her photographer showed up for the actual photo shoot. I can hardly believe she’s a Senior this year. The last little bird in the nest is about to fly. It seems like just a short while ago that she was in diapers and arguing about having to go down for a nap.

She’s taking a much lighter class load this year. Only 5 classes and getting out around noon-ish these days. So she’s still able to get in a few hours at work before going home to finish homework and get to bed at a decent hour. It’s actually a much better schedule than in the past. She’s really enjoying her job too. Especially the mad money she has in her pocket now.

So her proofs from the studio should be in next week for us to review. With over 70 poses and several outfits… I’m sure we’ll have a heck of a time choosing those ever-important senior photos.

Family and friends – you’ll of course get your copy of them too. 🙂


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