This is an archived posting from my previous website “Chips Antidotal Wanderings” – a personal blog about family, creative moments, and pain management activities in my life. That blog was active from 2004-2011.

We have to take a little commercial break from my story.  Miss Jeanne tagged me and so there’s the usual silly shares to do.  So let’s see… I think I’m supposed to share 7 unknown facts about myself then tag 7 other folks.  My, my that will be difficult.  Because I don’t think there are 7 unknown things about me.  I think I’ve told too many things about myself in my 40-something years.  But I’ll give it a go with 3 little factoids instead and then tag only one other blogger.

I’ll call this newly created tag, the 3-for-1 Tag.  New folks tagged are asked to share with their blog readers three unknown things about themself and then tag one blogger friend of theirs — telling that person to blog 3 for 1 again.

So Here’s the 3 Silly Unknowns:

1. I don’t always play by the rules and sometimes I even change them. 😉

2. I got a new laptop this weekend.  Cuz my husband luvs me and spoils me all the time.  He surprised me with the news on our Friday night date.  Which happen to be at our favorite Anniversary hangout.

3.  I’m a total bacon nut.  If it’s w/in a 100 yards I can smell it and head straight for it.  Remember those old commercials with the dogs sniffin’ out their treat and the announcer in the background is saying, “bacon, bacon, bacon”…. “I’m a lucky dog!”  That’s me every Sunday morning as hubby fries it up just the way I like it.

So now I gotta tag someone else too?  Oh dear, I’ve tagged so many others in the past, that I might be running out of friends.  I think I’ll tag:

Kelle from Two Dancing Crows

If you’ve never been to visit her blog – now is a great time to do it.  She’s just recently posted a link to the magazine she writes for and it’s awesome!



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