This is an archived posting from my previous website “Chips Antidotal Wanderings” – a personal blog about family, creative moments, and pain management activities in my life. That blog was active from 2004-2011.

This is posting 2 of 2 about my new career path decisions.  In the first one I do believe I just about bored everyone to death with my ramblings.  So I will try to keep this one much shorter and do a little less keyboard wandering.

To get straight to the answer I know that you are waiting for – I’ve decided to try my hand at being an online consultant to artists and web-preneurs alike.  I know that as I move forward I will venture into various art fields.  But for the first couple of years I’m going to focus on the world of digi-scrapping.  The industry is still very young and has a lot to offer.  And while I believe it’s not my final stomping ground, it’s where I hope to get my feet wet in online business activities.

For the Digi-Art Professionals

The thing is that I’ve seen so many hobby scrappers become designers in this field and honestly I believe there are plenty of talented digi-art designers and store owners out there on the web already.  Although I do not agree with some who feel the digi-art industry is over saturated – I do think for me to go in the direction of digi-art design isn’t the right path for me.  I sure enjoy that part of the business but those deep waters of competition are higher than I want to trudge through right now.  There are plenty of other career paths in the digi-scrap world for me to consider.

I decided (finally) that my focus is going to be on creating services and products specifically designed to assist the digi-scrapper who’s gone professional or who is headed in that direction.  I see a hole in the market right here and I’m going to help fill it.  I’ve already started building the main website that will help set the foundation for this business venture.  If anyone is curious about checking it out, please jump on over to my still-under-construction DSD-Pro website and don’t be shy about telling me your thoughts so far.

I’ve managed to put together a team of partners and we’re tweaking the business plan, putting some final touches in place.  We have already started creating our initial set of products and services and I’m getting pretty stoked about it all.  For the next month or so my hands will be full in setting up my web presence, branding the sites, and getting the first round of services/products put into place.  We’re hoping for an August ribbon cutting for the business.  Then when all the software is in place and the first round of marketing efforts have begun to show signs of healthy growth we’ll be introducing our business association and the services attached to it.  The goal is to reach that milestone by end of October.

Currently I’m the primary content provider on the site and until my techy dude gets online I’m filling that role too.  So I’m writing articles AND computer coding at the same time and I do believe they are starting to run together.  LOL  🙂  But I’m looking for guest writers and preparing to do some podcast type interviews shortly after the writing piece starts to slow down or at least become more common practice for me.

I’m really looking forward to the part that I think will bring me the most tickles and that’s diving into the screencast tutorials.  I’ve been playing with several different software options and am seeing the great level of potential this piece of the business offers.  I get a little ahead of myself on this one as it’s that teaching/learning thing that I love to do so much and can hardly wait to really throw my energies into.  But I keep having to pull myself back from that and handle the more important business side of this infant business venture.

Well – I’ve broken my promise about not rambling on too long over this, so I best be signing out of here for now.  Plus I’ve got a cyber crop over at CHW tonight that I must get ready for.  Come and join us if you have time.  We’re going to be playing with altered books/creative journaling.



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