Hello everyone!  Yes I’m finally updating my blog!  In case you didn’t get a chance to log into the forums lately let me tell you that the winner of our ScorPal giveaway was BeckieLouHoo.  I sent the product to her in a pizza size box that I added mail-art too.  I used black, grays, and a touch of red.  Really didn’t want to mess this up with packing tape.  But ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.  So off it went to Beckie’s house and I’m tickled to report it arrived safely with ScorPal intact.  😀



Beautiful Mail Art Arrived

You all were so very kind to me and I truly appreciate your efforts! I had lots of wonderful mail-art arrive at my house for this contest.  It would have been impossible for me to judge all the artful creations all on my own.  So several gals from work, volunteered to do the job for me.  Below you can see the winning envelopes.  And I’ve posted ALL the envelopes in the community forums.  I hope you’ll visit the community and take a look at them all.


1st Place Winning Envelope Beckie


2nd Place Winner – Ellen


3rd Place Winner – Sue


ATC’s Made for Participants

Remember me offering to swap ATC’s with participants if you all were interested?  I did a variety of ATC’s for swapping with the Mail-Art contest participants who sent ATCs in the wonderful envelopes.  And surprise, surprise, I even got them all mailed back out last month.  These are some of the ATC’s I made for swapping:

Used “Found Objects” Stamping for these.


Accomplished on Serendipity Papers I created using water-based markers.

More from Serendipity papers. These were created using watercolors paints.


I’ve stayed busy in spite of being under the weather.  While playing around with the Mail-Art contest, I also kept myself active making art for swaps with fellow creative folks in the Lineweaving community.  In my next post I’ll share my Mixed Media ATC’s with you along with a quick how-to on making ATC sleeves – cute little envelopes for presenting your Artist Trading Cards to your friends. 😀

Until then – Have yourself a wonderfully doodley day!


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