Easter Lilly sketch by Cindy Angiel


A Spring Snow is Falling

Yesterday was 60+ degrees at my house and today we have snow falling.  That’s not too unusual for us this time of year.  Spring seems to be fickled in Wyoming.  Crazy as it may sound, we sometimes have our biggest snow storms in May.

Nevertheless, the cold wet stuff falling from the sky hasn’t deterred me from thinking about warmer days filled with sunshine.  With all the Easter related things I’ve seen online the last few days I’ve not got eggs and bunnies and of course Lilly flowers on my mind.

Several weeks past I started a graphite drawing of a single white Lilly and just as I was really starting to feel the sketching vibes kicking in I had to put that drawing on the back burner for a bit to work on other things.  I totally hate when that happens!  Do you ever set something aside and long to get back to it for weeks before the chance finally comes about?

Lilly in Graphite

Last week I finally pulled this sketch back onto the table and finished the piece.  It took a while for me to get back into the groove, but I finally got ‘er done.  One of the things I find a bit challenging when switching from working with one media to the next is changing my touch.  With line art such as the patterned pieces I show here so often – I tend to use a heavy hand and can usually accomplish the work in short order.  However, with graphite I need such a light touch on the tools and patience to slowly build up my tones.  It’s a totally different mind set.  So anyway – here’s my finished piece shown with black and white matting and black wood frame.

Easter Lilly accomplished in Graphite - by Cindy Angiel

Graphite Lilly



After scanning the original, I gave the digital copy a bit of tinting.  One in pinkish hues and one in gold and then added them to my new print shop at Fine Art America.  Here’s what the tinted ones look like.  Not sure if I’m too crazy about them.  Mostly I prefer the original black and white graphite as it seems more pure.  But hey as the saying goes – “to each his own.”  I suppose with complimentary matting and framing they look okay either way.

Graphite Lilly by Cindy Angiel - print options

More Flowers Again Soon!

As the snow melts and spring days really start to find their way to my house we’ll have more color in the flower beds and it won’t be long until we see the yellow glow from our day lillies.  Those of course, will be more inspiration for creative endeavors!  I’ll share some pretty florals again soon as it seems this time of year always has me drawing/painting/photographing and day dreaming flowers.

Have you any flowers blooming at your house?  We have crocus and ivy showing off their pretty purple pedals through the bright white snow.  Other than that, not much color just yet.  The grasses are wanting to green up though and tulip leaves are pushing up through the earth too.  Ground squirrels are pestering already, bunnies hopping around trying to get into the tulip leaves and meadow larks are singing their songs.  So I know it won’t be long now before we’ll have more warm days in the week than cold.

Talk to Me My Friends

What’s it like in your neck of the woods?  Are you coming out of a winter season or just getting ready to move into one?  Does this change in season inspire you to create more or different things than usual?  Oh do tell!  Inquiring minds want to know!


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