What Inspires the Tangle Designer?

That’s what I wanted to know.  Recently Lizzie Mayne joined our LineWeaving Community Forums and uploaded over 40 patterns in one day!  They are beautiful patterns and so much fun to work with.  After playing with several of them I decided I wanted to know what inspired this artist.  So I asked her if we could get together for a Skype call.  And I was delighted when she agreed to share her thoughts with my friends here at Rainbow Elephant.  We recorded a portion of our conversation so you could get to know a bit about the artist as well.

About Lizzie Mayne:

Along with many other creative endeavors, Lizzie Mayne is a talented Tangle Pattern Designer who is actually fairly new at the art.  After discovering the Zentangle® method of drawing on YouTube she quickly got hooked.  She took a local class there in the UK where she lives and the rest is history.  Now she gets so involved with her pattern making that you best not disturb her when she’s in her drawing Zone.

Listen In on this Live Interview:

To hear all about it in her own words – click here and learn what inspires Lizzie.  Then be sure to visit her weblog at http://millibeads.wordpress.com/ where she shares her many patterns, her love of textures, and of course her passion for beads and making beautiful jewelry.

My Daisy Sampler:

Here’s a little something I did up using several of the patterns Lizzie added in the LineWeaving Community forums pattern library.  I can’t wait to try out the new patterns she just loaded at her website this past weekend!

Daisy Cluster Starter Template

I’ll add the starter template for this daisy sampler to the media gallery in the community forums sometime during the next day or so.  Drop in and pick it up.  Then add your own patterns to those petals too and of course share your project in the gallery so we can all get inspired by your works!

Have a Wonderfully Doodley Day!
~ Cindy


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