This is an archived posting from my previous website “Chips Antidotal Wanderings” – a personal blog about family, creative moments, and pain management activities in my life. That blog was active from 2004-2011.

My Weekend Agenda is Full!

Places to go, things to do inside and out, and of course there should be a bit of laziness tucked in there for good measure.

We’ve got the Greek Festival to attend sometime this weekend. Never miss an opportunity to grab up a Gyro (in Greek: γύρο, pronounced YEE-roh) or grilled pork souvlaki (in Greek: σουβλάκι χοιρινό, pronounced soov-LAH-kee hee-ree-NO). Both so very yummy! Of course I like other Greek cuisine as well, but those are my favorite.  I do love the desert platters too, especially the baklava – but this year I have to say no to the sweets. They are definitely not on my diet plan. No harm in looking though… well… maybe I should just stay clear of those tables and go watch the dancers instead.  One wiff of that honey and those sugary delights, and I might just fall off the calorie wagon. I really can’t afford to do that right now.

As you can see I’m also in the process of tweeking my blog template.  Changed the color scheme and added some of my “funky floral” digital brushes to the design. Naturally it’s not finished yet, so if’n time allows I’ll work on this little piece of the web. I have link pages that need updating, tags to put in place and oh so much more ‘house cleaning’ to do here.  So eventually…. one of these days…. I’ll get to it all.  However for this weekend most of my web time will be spent on updating other sites.

I’ve got some heavy pre-launch testing to do on the new Art-Shopette I’m opening at CHW.  And if you are an Active Member on the site, you’ll have an opportunity to pick up some freebies this weekend at our first ever “Run for Freebies” event. [Update: The CHW forum is no longer online]

Time to Plant those Bulbs

I still don’t have all my bulbs in the ground.  Fall is creepy up on me quicker than what I’m ready for. Although I always welcome this time of year because of the wonderful colors, smell, and the crispness in the air – I’m just not finding the time on my calendar to stop and plant. I’m going to need to carve out a few hours for that over the next couple weeks though.  I’ve got a ton of tulip bulbs to put in the ground, irises to thin out again this year, and some Lillies I’d like to move around a bit as well.  So I’m dedicating part of the weekend to gardening too!

In a nutshell, those are some of the things I’ve added to my usual weekend agenda.  With any luck the migraines will stay at bay and allow me full days and nights to myself.  How about you – what’s on your plate?  Your to-do list?  Any weekend play dates planned for you and your crew? I’d love to hear what’s happening on your side of the earth!



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