I’m ready to open a fresh, untouched journal this morning and begin a new creative adventure.  How about you?  This morning my mind and my muse is pondering on, “Fresh New Beginnings”.  So that’s the prompt I’ll be using while working in my book pages.

Ummmm….. let’s see….. where else does that take me to?………

After the long holiday weekend, this is the first day of work in the new year. New neighbors; new goals; new friendships; new breakfast muffin flavor; new skills; new hobby; new hairstyle; new sunrise; new births; new tires on the car; new box of crayons; new gourd; set of thank you notes to write; fresh strawberries; most definitely new patterns; new scarf; new commitments; new interests; new techniques; new posting on my blog; new people to meet and places to go; new things to discover…. fresh….new….beginnings….

I’ll post my new journal page here on my blog (or pages if that’s what ends up happening) later in the week….. In the mean time – Enjoy working with this creative prompt.  I hope it has you thinking of wonderful new beginnings and drawing fun patterns too!

Creatively Speaking….. ~Cindy

P.S.  Coming Soon – Official Info Page, Project Badges for your website, Flickr Group, and Forum Discussion Board.  I’ll let you know when these Fresh New Beginnings make their appearance!  😉


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