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The Tassel on Her Cap

Well she did it!  Our Boo has accomplished what she sometimes thought was the impossible.  Her high school years are over.  Here’s a couple of pix from the occasion.

Boo Looking for Family

Being one of the shortest gals in her class it can sometimes be difficult to get a good look through the crowd for your family, but I think she managed to find us sitting in the crowd.

Happy Boo @ Graduation!

When she spotted us she gave us a terrific smile and a hello wave of joy!  See that chain around her neck?  It has my high school senior ring on it.  Not sure why she didn’t want one of her own and instead asked if she could have mine when she graduated.  So I had presented her with it when we did the whole “cap and gown” thing before going to the celebration.  It was our own little private moment… well, not too private.  Dad stood by with camera and I have some pics to add to the memory album again.

Boo in the shadows

Here’s a pic of the kids walking up to their seats and the shadows were just right for capturing a profile of Our Boo in what seemed like a moment of deep thought or maybe reflection.  She probably was just trying not to trip on her gown and remember where she was suppose to sit.  Hehehehe.

The day was overcast with clouds all morning and we just knew it was going to rain on us… again.  (It did the same thing at her sister’s graduation 4-years before.)  Sure enough, we got poured on.  Not just a little mind you.  We were drenched by the time the day was through!  I felt so sorry for the kids who were freezing through their very special day.  The rain started as soon as the first young lady got up to give her speech.  From time to time it slowed down and even stopped for a while when they were each crossing the platform and receiving their diplomas.

Made for a great challenge in getting pictures and hearing the speeches.  But somehow the class of just over 400 young adults made it through the day along with their family and friends cheering them on.  Of course I cried.  But this time I remembered not to wear mascara and I’m not sure anyone would know the difference anyway with the soppy mess everyone was in from the rain.

This picture was taken after the event.  She got herself cleaned up, re-gowned, and let us get a couple shots without any rain falling down.  😀  She was sure glad to be back in warm, dry cloths again!

Congratulations Miss Boo!

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