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If you’re new to my little corner of the web – Hello and Welcome! Here’s a bit of the back-story of this blog.  For a few years I featured artful projects from time to time on my Chips Antidotal Wanderings blog and in various online communities – to include my Craft Happy Website (of course).  And I post a bit of it in my Flickr galleries too. This year I decided to move my “Antidotal Wanderings” to this new blog where I’ll feature posts primarily about my creative endeavors.  Besides sharing my art with you, I also plan to provide downloadable tools, tutorials, articles that may be of interest to other creative souls, and worksheets for my own “repeat patterns/line weaving patterns” or “tangles” as some folks call them.

I hope you enjoy flipping through my post pages and maybe, just maybe – you’ll be inspired to do a bit of pen-and-paper creating yourself.  If so, please share your info with me as I love to visit other blogs and picture galleries from fellow creatives!

Note to Family and Blog Friends

I hope you found your way from the old Chips Antidotal Wanderings blog to this new one.  With the new year I decided it was time for a change on my blog pages.  But what will those changes be?  You now how I am – I tend to go where my spirit leads me.

The Colorful Elephant?

I did a little elephant doodle thing about a year or so ago and the name “rainbow elephant” came to mind.  I thought it sounded sort of catchy.  Something that some day I might use for a website.  So I did a quick web search and found that the dot-com name wasn’t taken, and I went ahead and purchased it thinking that I might get around to using it.

Recently I started doing more doodles and sketches and have posted pics and various artful projects online for viewing and art-trading.  I was pleased to find that there are a few folks out there that found my creations worthy of trading for or simply commenting on.  That’s when I remembered I had bought this domain name and decided this might be a good year to make an online home for sharing my hand drawn art – using my Rainbow Elephant domain name.  And so this blog came to life.

Where’s the Old Stuff?

For anyone who’s been wandering along the blog world with me for the last couple of years, I’ve brought over the posts from my previous blog and added them to this one.  All the postings from the Chips Antidotal Wanderings blog can be found in my blog archives from 2005-2010.

Thanks for Visiting my Blog Today!



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