I know I’ve been a been lax with adding a new journal prompt, but I have actually been working in my journal quite a bit just the same. I hope that you have been too!

“Homeland with Love” is the creative prompt I put before you today.  First think on the word “homeland.”  What does that mean to you?  Where is that?  Is it your country?  The state or town you live in?  Maybe homeland is the house you grew up in.  A friend of mine recently told me that the word meant, “in my heart.”  Does it mean something more along those lines to you too?  Do you associate “homeland” with your heart, soul, or the inner most part of your mind?

Once you identify your own homeland (for the purpose of your journal page(s)) then ponder for a few minutes on the things you love about your homeland.  Let these thoughts coax you into adding another wonderful page to your Inspire, Inspire journal!



And above all – have fun with it!
~ Cindy

Friendly Reminder – New Circular Sunday Template coming this weekend!  Be sure to come on back and pick it up on Sunday!  😀

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