Sharpie pens and markers are some of my favorite line weaving tools/toys to work with.  I’d say more than 50% of the projects I do in my journals are accomplished using Sharpies either in whole or in part.  Since I’m a fan of the Sharpie products I can’t let this opportunity slip by without spreading the Ink it Pink campaign with my creative friends here at the RainbowElephant!

Ink it Pink Cancer Research Fundraiser

Evidently this campaign is running throughout the entire month of October.  And I would have told you about this message before today if’n I had heard about it before now, but I just learned of it this past weekend.  And I hope that after reading this article every tangler, line-weaver, doodler, and line-art enthusiast who visits my blog will take just a minute out of your day and participate in the Sharpie Ink it Pink campaign.  It’s a super simple fundraising project in support of cancer research through the “City of Hope” program.  The funds are coming from Sharpie – the talent is coming from you!  Here’s what you do:

Simply sign your name in pink on something.  Take a picture of it.  Then upload your photo at the Sharpie Website.  Here’s the upload page:  Sharpie will donate $1 to the cause for every pink autograph they get.  That’s all there is to it!  So please… Ink it in Pink today and share this news with your creative friends too!

While there are quite a few celebrities supporting the Ink It Pink program – you don’t have to be a famous icon to participate!  But you do have to submit your autograph during the month of October.  So don’t delay.  Take the Ink it Pink challenge today.

Have a great week everyone and please….

Ink It Pink!
~ Cindy

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