One of the books I’m currently working my way through is Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World written by Christine Mason Miller.  In one section of the book she focuses her writing on the subject of core values and how staying mindful on those in our daily lives can be a challenge, no doubt.  Nevertheless remembering to keep our core values a priority in our thoughts, even in the midst of all life has to throw at us each day – is a goal worth striving for.

Mirroring her routines, I too run up against all sorts of distractions during my waking hours.  Like everyone I know, I wear more than one hat throughout the day too.  I may go from Mom, to counselor, to taxi driver, to wife, to data analyst, to dog walker, to webmaster… all before the lunch bell rings.  By the time I go to bed at night, hopefully somewhere in the day I’ve also had the pleasure of wearing my paint splotched artist cap.  One of my favorite hats to wear!  I bet your collection of hats is similar and you wear several at a time as well.

With all that we each have to do in our daily routines, putting our core values into practice in all areas of our life takes practice.  One of the things that can help a person work towards living a life closely in tune with their values is to take the time and effort to become intimately acquainted with what those values might be.

Now it’s not my intentions to get all philosophical on you or preach a particular lifestyle to you, but I will share with you this – for today’s go around I have decided to use my Inspire, Inspire journal page to set aside some time and take inventory once again of what my core values are.  And then in a creative way I’ll catalog the values I want to be more mindful of.  I”ll be creating a patterned page that will help me weave these values into my thoughts on a regular basis to keep me grounded as I flip from one hat to another in my daily activities.

I encourage you to use the creative prompt, “At the Core of it All” as a call for some drawing action on your journal pages this go around too.  That phrase may cause you to ponder core values (like it does for me right now), or it may infuse thoughts “centered” on other things, or lead you towards pondering on a specific/core issue you are working on right now at work or in your personal life.

Whatever it is that comes to mind when you hear the words, “At the Core of it All” – fly with those mind ticklers.  Use those thoughts to express yourself on your journal page(s) for a spell.  See what sort of line weaving you come up with and maybe share your page with us all in the Inspire, Inspire gallery album inside our community forums.  If you are a Flickr user – we’d love to have you add your page to our group album too!

I will share my pages in both places and I look forward to seeing what you have created too!
~ Cindy

Here’s a link to Christine’s book if you are interested:

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