This is an archived posting from my previous website “Chips Antidotal Wanderings” – a personal blog about family, creative moments, and pain management activities in my life. That blog was active from 2004-2011.


Started off with a migraine. Ugh! When that went away I moseying down to the neighbors to take care of the cats, fishies, dog, and horses. Everyone seems to be doing well other than missing their peoples (they are on vacation). Even shy little black kitty decided I was better than nothing and came around to meow at me for a spell.

Giving that face that only a mother could love

Then I took Lacy back to vet for her followup appointment.  He says she’s healing fine. We get to increase her walk times to 10-minutes now. Wahoo! She’ll be glad for that.  Me too – cuz if she’s not walking much, neither am I and that’s not helping my diet any!  They say 6-months for her to heal completely.  So that’s two down and waaaay too many more to go.

It was a “down day” on the base so I didn’t drive into town at all yesterday. 🙂 Last night Greg and I enjoyed our usual Friday night date with movie and a pizza. “State of Play” is what we snuggled up to. It was a pretty good movie because it kept us guessing the whole time and that’s the type we like. AND this time Greg didn’t fall asleep before it was over either.


No migraine so far today and I plan to keep it that way! We had a busy morning around the house then slowed things down a bit by going into town for some errands and fun.  Shopping at convenient store, then over to the bread store to pick up a fresh loaf of honey wheat. Oh I love the smell of that place!

Then it was off to the Farmers Market where we wandered through the crowds to pick up fresh corn on the cob for tonight’s dinner, some delicious peppers and of course fresh nectarines too. A bag full of beans and a few other goodies before walking back by the downtown shops to get to the truck – which was parked quite a few block away.  I needed that walk – good exercise!

Since we were running a bit early for our next destination we slipped into The Egg and I to have brunch. Then we hit the park and enjoyed a bit of the blue grass festival at the amphitheater. When the sun got a bit too warm for us, we moseyed through the botanical gardens and captured a few beauties before heading home. I even convinced Greg to let me take a picture of the photographer this go around.  Even smiled!

Now I’m taking the rest of the day to putz around on the computer. 🙂



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