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The book I’m reviewing today is Magenta Style Paper Enchantments authored by Nathalie Metivier and Leslie Carola.  Just as the subtitle suggests, while flipping through the pages you’ll learn how to create charming cards, boxes, ornaments, albums and more – all using the unique Magenta Style.

Just what is a “Magenta Style” Projects?

All over the world of stamping and scrapbooking, “Magenta” is known for its unique ‘’Magenta Style’, a reputation the Canadian company by the same name, has gladly embraced.  What makes the projects created with their products so distinctive is the color, textures, and embellishments used on each creation.  In this book (as well as all over the web) you can find such paper projects designed with rich color schemes used in layers and layers of textures – just begging for you to touch.

Magenta style projects are built around simple, classic compositions. A card may be straightforward and symmetrical, the design centered on the page, or that same symmetric design may be shifted off-center to create an intriguing pattern. But there is always an unmistakable focal point that, with the addition of rich color and stunning embellishments, results in a grand surprise that delights the senses. This is the essence of Magenta, and the reason why Magenta materials and techniques are favored by paper crafters all over the world.

In Magenta Style Paper Enchantments the crafty authors share with you 20 main projects that offer various techniques.  For each of these projects they include  a materials list and photographic step-by-step instructions.  Outside of these specific projects there are many others shown in separate picture galleries appearing at the end of each of the 4 chapters.  In these full color pages you’ll find more than 70 projects that will inspire you to try your own hand at Magenta Style art work!

Fresh and Clean Presentation

Unlike many of the paper-art books that I read, this one is presented in a totally clean-line format with each picture framed and neatly lined up with the text and pages elements that surround it.  This made it very easy to follow along with step-by-step instructions and the handy tips offered throughout the pages.

Techniques Training

Layering Color, Creating Texture, Designing with Peal Off’s, and Finishing Touches are the main “creative” chapters in the book.  And throughout these divisions I found techniques that included rubber stamping and coloring with a variety of media; embossing and debossing with ink; creating texture with Peel Off”s stickers; and making three-dimensional constructions.  I especially like the section on Polished Surfaces where the gals walk through using alcohol inks in beautiful blue tones as they create decorative folded boxes with silver embellishments!

Extra Helpful Resources

The authors have kindly provided a full set of resources in the back of the book and a couple pages of templates as well.  I especially found the illustrated glossary of terms and techniques handy because it includes a quick ‘page number’ answer my question of, “now where did I see that?”

Something that struck me as a nice little bonus was the front and back flaps included on this paper back book.  These are usually only found on hard bound books when you keep have the book cover on it.  I know for me these flaps act as a bookmark when I walk away for a minute and I want to mark the page until I return.  It’s almost an invisible feature of the book…. until you need it and then it’s really quite handy.

More Than Just Paper

I give this book my highest five star rating.  Not only because of the large print, beautiful photographs, and easy to follow instructions, but also because it includes projects that go beyond paper based creations.  Being a mixed media fanatic myself, I like the unexpected surprise of glass, wax, cork, metal, and ceramic tile projects on display and full of Magenta Style flavors.

Pick up the book, Magenta Style Paper Enchantments and tell me what you think.  I’d love to hear your thoughts!



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