I set my Inspire, Inspire Art-Journal aside for a couple of weeks while I played with other creative projects.  I’m finally back at it and wondered if you wanted to join me.  The journal prompt for this go around is “All About Me.”  Here’s a couple ways you could consider using the prompt to jump start your creativity:

Take a minute to think of a single word to describe you, right here and now.  Then flip through your patterns and see if one or several of them seem to “fit” the word you used to describe yourself.  Did you use the a word such as: strong, lazy, happy, or content?  What patterns seem to pop out at you as strong ones?  Which one’s seem to feel lazy or happy to you when you draw it?  Do you have a set of patterns you are content to draw anytime or all the time?

Do a self portrait that is totally like you or even one that just includes some of your features.  Like maybe the shape of your body, or the freckles on your face, the length of your hair?

Use self-descriptive words on your page and weave some patterns into the words.  Find just the right words by doing a fill in the blank sentence about yourself.  Something like: “Today I Feel… (fill in the blank).”  Would your statement be, “Today I feel Energized”, “Today I feel Hung-over”, “Today I feel – the need for a shopping trip”?  Take those words and use them to jump start your brain thinking about your journal page.  Then use those All About Me thoughts and create a page using repeat pattern art.

Have you designed a few patterns of your own?  Then maybe your Me-Page will simply feature only YOUR patterns for this go around.  If you’ve not come up with a design of your own, I bet you have a few patterns that are your favorites.  So maybe consider making your Me-Page one that features YOUR favorite patterns.

There are lot’s of ways to incorporate YOU into your art-journal.  I encourage you to take a bit of time and create a page that’s all about you.  Your positive qualities, your features, your interests, your favorites, your mood…… anything that strikes your fancy that is about you – it’s fair game on your next Inspire, Inspire, art-journal entry!



I hope you have fun with this prompt and share your journal page with me too.  I’d love to see, hear, and learn something about you!




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