Introduction to Mirror Strings

I launched my new book series this weekend – posting them over at Craft Happy Art-Shopette.  There are three in the series and the first one is free.  So be sure to pop on over there and pick up your copy.  The series is about Mirror Strings.  Now if you aren’t familiar with them, don’t worry about it.  I’ve got you covered!  In my FREE eBook Introduction to Mirror Strings you’ll learn what mirror strings are, how to use them to create fun drawings, and you’ll see examples of lovely art made by some talented line weavers from all around the world who hang out in our online community of doodlers, tanglers, and line-art enthusiasts!

Workbooks of Strings

In addition to the Intro book there are two others in the series.  In the second book of this series, Mirror String Playground  I’ve included over 40 new templates. They are presented in a variety of fun sizes for line-artists of all ages and every level of experience from beginner to the most advanced. I really stuffed the pages full in the 3rd book, Many Mini Mirror Strings ! There are more than 50 mirror strings – presented two on a page. I’ve included plenty of artful examples to inspire you along your creative path too.

Mom Nature Loves eBooks

When putting these books together I kept your user needs in mind. The free Introduction book in an instructional guide, but the instruction pages aren’t meant to be printed. They were designed to be viewed electronically. On the practice pages I have insured there are minimal colors to help minimize the amount of ink used when printing those pages. Page numbers are at the far edges. So if you decide to keep and display the art you create on a practice page – you can easily trim off the page numbers. In the two companion eBooks I used no page numbers nor footers on any of the pages. So when you print your mirror strings to draw on, there’s nothing else on the page to obstruct any of your artful lines! Colorful art galleries showing examples to inspire are on pages by themselves, not meant to be printed.

These books are delivered in PDF format for easy electronic storage and transportability. I encourage you to keep them in digital format and help us take better care of Mother Nature.

Here are a few of the type of doodles and repeat pattern art examples you see in the book series (shown here with the string used in the drawing).

I’ll start adding some examples to the art galleries inside our community forums so you can get a closer look at them.  You can get more information about these books and pick up copies for your creative library over at . And I hope that you’ll share some of your mirror string creations with us in the gallery too!

Have a Wonderfully Doodley Day!

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