This is an archived posting from my previous website “Chips Antidotal Wanderings” – a personal blog about family, creative moments, and pain management activities in my life. That blog was active from 2004-2011.

Okay — Don’t laugh too loud! Yes I altered my jump drive. The idea struck me when I accidentally busted off the ring that holds it on my ID clip. Since I tend to keep it in my purse or briefcase anyhow, I decided I didn’t need a ring on it. So why not just add some pretty little fibers, beads, and ribbons?

After doing that I decided I might as well pretty up the boring outer cover. So I made a little template and cut out some pretty printed paper. After running it through my Zyron machine (using the super permanent sticky backing) – I put it on the cover and walah!

The altered jump drive was born. After seeing it, my co worker said “I’ll be careful not to fall asleep at my desk. Seems you alter anything that sits still for too long.”

Altered Jump Drive

Call me crazy if you want. But I am rather proud of my little alteration… even if it is silly. Because mine now looks completely different from anyone else. And I’m sure no one will pick up mine by mistake now. It’s obvious who this one belongs to. LOL



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