So I’m sitting at the airport last week as part of a group of folks welcoming some of our returning troops.  The plane was delayed for quite a spell and so I busied myself doodling a little something for our “Puzzle Me This” challenge over in the forums this week.  The young child sitting next to me was curious and quite chatty.  So as I’m explaining to her the concept behind repeat pattern art and how patterns are everywhere you look – she asked me to make a pattern using something/anything that was on her backpack.  She was rather fond of this little fairy character and so that became my inspiration to meet the challenge she had put before me.

The fairy was sitting in a profile position and although it is assumed she had a set of double wings – the viewpoint depicted on the backpack only included three of her wings….. and this little pattern is a result of my instant friend at the airport and the fairy she had on her backpack.  Even though this pattern may not look like fairy wings to you – trust me…. that’s what they are.  And make no mistake that I was told by a rather persistent little lady of about 5 or 6 years of age that under no terms was I allowed to change the name of this pattern.  😉

Below is a quick video showing you the original drawing method I used when creating the pattern.

Alternate Drawing Method

You may find that drawing three loops side by side and making sure they line up correctly can be a bit of a challenge sometimes.  Here is another method for drawing this design that you might prefer or find easier.  For this method, simply draw each of the outer loops first and then wrap the middle loop around the other two where they overlap in the middle.

My Fairy Wings Sampler

This is a page I made up to show some of the ways you can incorporate this pattern into boarders or floral shapes.  And below this photo is the drawing I did at the airport using a ballpoint pen and a highlighter that was hanging around in the bottom of my purse.  🙂

Download the Pattern Worksheet

Simply hover your mouse over the worksheet picture below – right click – and save it to your computer if you’d like to add it to your other patterns.

Have a wonderfully doodley day!
~ Cindy


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