Bofi is a fun little grid-based pattern with lots of different shading and coloring options. It’s a zendoodle easy enough for beginners and sophisticated enough for those who have been line weaving for years. Give it a try and let me know what you think. I’d love to hear from you!


Line Weaving Video

Even though this is a super easy one to draw – here’s a How-To Video to help you out.  In less than two minutes you can be drawing this one in your projects too.



Growing Line-Art

Here’s a couple of examples to show you some different ways to change the look simply by changing the shading and fill lines.  This first one is the digital doodle I did in the video as a sample.


This next one is called “Planted by Hand.”  Look closely and you can see Bofi is used to create the lacey looking glove type part of the hand.


Now if you’re one of those Tanglers who like to collect design sheets, here’s the worksheet I made up for Bofi.  Enjoy!


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