Popping in today to share with you another tangley line-weave design I created a while back.  The reason I call this one “8-Dot Center Piece” will become apparent to you as soon as you watch the video to see how to draw it.  More often than not I use this as a filler pattern.  However it works very nicely as a solo design as well when it’s embellished with additional doodle lines.  I’ve Zenned this design, Zoppic.”


Zoppic How-To Video:


Using this Design as a Center Piece

Here’s a couple examples of this same design enhanced with extra doodle lines and used in a solo performance.  Once on an ATC and then again on a card front.

Orange Is In ATC

Orange Is In – ATC

Doodled Card Front

Doodled Card Front


Tangled Stacked Heart Trio

This is the original project I created using my “Stacked Hearts” template that you see I redid in electronic format for several of the videos where I’m showing how to draw a few of my doodle designs.  The 8-Dot Center Piece design is shown on the heart in the right most edge of the page.  Other designs shown in this project are my Lucky Charms and the Fish Net Stocking tangled doodles.  If you follow my blog you’re probably already familiar with these.

Stacked Heart Zentangled Inspired Art


My Line Weave Design Worksheet

And before I forget – here’s the pattern design worksheet and you can get the Design worksheet as a PDF by clicking here .

Zoppic - Zentangle design worksheet

Have a Doodley Fun Day!
~ Cindy

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