I work for a healthcare clinic and I accomplish most of my work teleworking from my home. I check in at the office a couple of times a week and try not to be in the building any longer than I have to. That’s not because I don’t enjoy myself at the office. Actually I work with a great bunch of people who I thoroughly enjoy being with. The issue is that the building is toxic to my system. The longer I am in office the sicker I get with debilitating migraines. Thankfully most of my work is accomplished on the computer from any location. Nevertheless I still try to stay involved with the activities in the clinic to the extent that I can.

One of my favorite things to do is help with the office decorations around various holidays and special events. While I don’t always get to attend them, I find doing up the decorations still let’s me be involved and be a part of the team. So we are getting ready for our big, “Trick-or-Treat Off the Street” event. And I’m working on some decorations.

This is a party like event that is attended by about 700 people. Mostly young folks dressed in outlandish costumes. Since we have very cold weather around Halloween it is sometimes unsafe for the wee ones to be outside in the evenings for too long. So at our party the children file through the hallways stopping by each office to pick up goodies to fill their treat bag. Sometimes those are candies, sometimes other things. For example at the dental clinic doorway they get a toothbrush and instructions on proper oral hygiene. Near our public health door they get a coloring book about fire safety, etc.

Decorations for this event are a must and almost always displayed in an over the top fashion. Meaning way too much weird stuff hanging on walls. And most of it is very child oriented, full of whimsy and silliness, but it’s this crazy atmosphere that adds to the excitement of the party! So us big kids always have a good time hanging decorations, dressing up silly, and showing the kids a good time.

I won’t get to attend the party for long this year to keep from getting sick however I can still help out with the goofy decorations! Here’s a quick video showing one of the fun-loving decorations I created using tangled lines. Admittedly, it’s not much of a household decoration type thing, but it might offer you some ideas on how you can use your tangles at parties you may be hosting, attending, or decorating for.

Whether it’s ghostly figures, princess crowns, Christmas trees, or Valentine hearts this same type of project can busy the hands and minds of any classroom full of students with creative spirits and time to draw! And the best part for me is that so many of these posterboard shapes can be purchased ahead of time rather than cutting them out myself on my Cricut. The cost for such pre-cuts is only in the pennies usually too and are readily available at arts/craft stores! 😀

Halloween Starter Templates

Want some Halloween shapes to play with?  Here’s a couple I drew that you may want to add patterns to or use as templates for cutouts.  Just click on the picture below to download the pumpkin starter and/or the ghost starter template.  I think both are fun to weave patterns into for young ones as well as the old folks like myself!  And these will download in pdf format and print on U.S. letter size paper.



~ Cindy

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