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A mom/daughter conversation about her Tears of a Nation creation.

Tears Of The Nation

Piece Title: Tears of the Nation
Technique/Medium: Wood burning, watercolor, and color pencil

Mom: Can you tell me what this piece means to you?

Boo: Well, this piece was inspired by the tragic events that occurred on 9/11 and our nation dealing with the fear of threats from terrorists.

The bald eagle and the flag are both symbols of America. I added torn holes to the flag to represent the lives lost and the attacks that hit our Nation on that day. The eagle is crying because of the sadness our country has over the many deaths.

The words “Tears of the Nation” set behind the main images and have tear drops falling from the edges also to show the sadness I wanted to portray in this piece. But sadness and defeat isn’t all that I wanted to show here.

Although it’s hard to see, I added yellow and shapes of sparks inside the lettering to represent fireworks. Because as our nation is morning the deaths of many people, we are also finding ways to celebrate the lives that these people lived.


That’s all she wrote folks.


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