So in November I did up a project for the Life’s Journey Scrapbooking store – the chunky holiday scrap journal.  Then there was no project for me to do in December.  🙁  But I was lucky enough to get another challenge kit to work on this month.  Wahoo! 🙂

Not surprisingly, the kit had a Valentines Day theme to it.  In this latest crafty stash, Shannon included a fun set of cardstock papers in pink, brown, and a golden yellow, along with a sheet of tags that had sweetheart sayings.  It also contained a heart-shaped chipboard ring-style book by Maya Road and I was given the opportunity to pick out some buttons, flowers, and ribbons to use as well.

So in preparation of February sales, I worked up a (not necessarily Valentine’s Day) project for them, that I think will work quite well for the season (and beyond).  Two projects actually.  After being encouraged to create a banner – I did just that.  I created two love themed wall banners.  While there’s nothing in my home these will match, I do believe I know a couple of young gals who would enjoy decorating their bedrooms with them. <wink, wink> 😉  After they come down from display at the store I’ll be passing them along to sweet grand daughters who (I hope) will enjoy adding pictures and hanging them in “their space.”

Because the photos above may be a little difficult to see the details in – here are some close up shots for ya:

The little butterfly on the heart above is a sticker with sparkly highlights on it.

The buttons on the brown heart are added using pop-dots.  And on the heart below here I added a flower element that I dipped in UTEE in my melting pot and then shaped the pedals when it had cooled a bit.  It’s shiny and fun.

For two of the “pages” I added slide-style photo frames that I also used the same UTEE/melting pot technique on.  The base of them is simply the brown cardstock that came in my challenge kit.

For each of the “photo holder” pieces you see above, they are simply attached using removable double sided tape.  That way the girls can easily take them off and use them as a template to cut their photos before attaching them more permanently.

All the paper elements are edged with brown ink to give the project some cohesiveness throughout the entire piece.  And the hearts are all strung using some awesome ribbons strips I picked up from Life’s Journey Scrapbooking.  Which by the way, happens to be a terrific place to grab some awesome scrappy items and participate in crops if you’re in the local area!

This was a fun (and super fast) set of projects that I completed in just over an hour.  Maybe this will give you some inspiration to use your heart shaped ring books for a project that’s a little less “book-like”…. just for something a little new and different?!

Lovin’ this Day!

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