In my last blog post I shared with you changes I’d be making here at Rainbow Elephant – primarily the start of me referring to my “Tangled” art as Line Weaving.

Line Weaving… Is it Zentangling? Doodling? Drawing?  Line Art?  Repeat Pattern Art? What do I mean when I say Line Weaving?

The short answer is that Line Weaving is the phrase I use to describe the type of projects I create when using Repeat Pattern Art to add lines to a project.

Understanding Repeat Pattern Art

Let me back up and explain the term “Repeat Pattern Art.” When doing any form of Repeat Pattern Art you’re simply making/performing a pattern of any kind in your art – and repeating that pattern multiple times.  Whether you’re repeating patterns using paint on canvas, pen on paper, pixels on a screen, humming the same melody over and over again, looping yarns around a needle, beating a rhythm on the drums, or even blowing continuous streams of bubbles with a friend – you’re practicing/performing a type of “Repeat Pattern Art.”

So what makes a particular form of Repeat Pattern Art considered as Line Weaving?

Line Weaving Fits Me Just Right

I practice several forms of Repeat Pattern Art.  I’ve mentioned some of them above, but what I share most often on this website involves creating repeat pattern art in a specific way.  The art I most often share here includes applying lines in a repeated pattern to a surface such as paper. Which typically falls into the art category of “Line Art” or “Doodle Art” or “art that resembles that which is created by using the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing.”

Whew!  Now that’s just too much of a mouthful to say or type whenever I write or talk about my works.  None of those terms really seem to describe my work the way I want to describe it.  And since I’m a gal who likes to “do it *MY* way”  I came up with my own phrase to describe the art form for projects that I do which include repeating lines in a pattern.

I call it “Line Weaving.

A New Title for an Old Art Form

Yes I’m a mother, a wife, a multi-media artist, a flute player (flautist), a data quality manager, a webmaster, a career woman, a teacher, a pet owner, a crafter and recently added to the never-ending list of titles I wear…. I’m now also known as a Line Weaver!

No Certification Required

To be clear and to set the record straight from the start let me just say that – much like many other things in life there’s no certification required to be a Line Weaver or to commercialize your Line Weaving projects.  No specific classes required to be a professional Line Weaver.  You can teach Line Weaving classes without any letters of credentials behind your name.  You can even create your own “line weave patterns” without trampling on a copyrighted phrase.  I made up the phrase and the description and the derivatives of the phrase myself.

Legal Use of the Phrase

To prevent any confusion or unwanted attorney bills from racking up let me clarify the legal side of things by putting usage rights in black and white:

I Cynthia Angiel the originator of the phrases, “Line Weaving”, “Line Weave”, “Line Weaver” and “Line Weaving Patterns” – officially put these phrases into public domain and give you (anyone in the world) full permissions to use my phrases for personal or commercial use as they suite your needs. These permissions include any derivatives of the phrase(s) as they pertain to the following description:

“Line Weaving: Any creative endeavor that involves using any tools or methods to apply lines in a repeated pattern to a surface of any kind.”


Crediting the Creator

No credits referencing back to the originator of the phrase(s) is required.

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions or comments let me know.  I hope others will jump in and use the phrase when describing their repeat pattern art projects as well….  That is if the term fits you and your interests.  😀

Next weekend I’ll be back to posting artful creations!

Smile and Have a Great Day!
~ Cindy

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