This is an archived posting from my previous website “Chips Antidotal Wanderings” – a personal blog about family, creative moments, and pain management activities in my life. That blog was active from 2004-2011.


I think Dell has some sort of plan to slowly but surely drive me completely out of my mind!  I just went through weeks and weeks of tech calls and arguing with their IT staff and finally got my computer replaced.  Here it is just a few months later and then last Thursday night the hardrive crashed.  The blue screen of death really was death this time.  Couldn’t even get the thing to reboot from disk and there’s absolutely no way to revive the poor bugger!  Ugh – I’m frustrated… again.

I do believe this is the last Dell I will buy.  For the longest time I’ve been a Dell fan.  But during the last few years their product as well as their customer service has really gone down hill — IMHO.  We’re gonna have to consider other options on the next computer purchase we make.

The IT fella is coming over this afternoon to replace my hard drive and get that lug back up and running.  I sure hope it’s the last time I have to use that service package I bought.  Honestly I would have preferred to lose money on a service pack that I never used as apposed to using it over and over again.  Nevertheless, I sure am glad we renewed for another 3-year plan.  But when this new plan runs out in ’09 – that’s it.  No more Dells.

Life is just too precious for me to waste on the phone with IT techs who can’t even speak English and think they can BS me through a tech call.  Once they find out I have a fair amount of IT savvy and know my way around a computer – they do pull into line.  But my goodness, I think that’s stupid to treat your customers that way!  It’s very aggravating and super poor customer service!

With this crash I lost a bit of information.  Not too much because most of my work gets transferred to the external hard drive within just a day or two of completing.  But still I lost more than what I’m comfortable with.  I have to rework a few projects.  I’m simply letting go of others as the stress to recreate them just isn’t worth it to me.  I get enough headaches from natural causes without me chancing another one over a stupid computer blowout.

Okay – big deep, relaxing, breath now.  I am not going insane, I am not going insane, I am not going insane.  You can’t get me.  You can’t get me.  You can not take my mind away from other more important things.  Breeee..ath….. breee..ath.  Breath….. So my rant is over.  Thanks for letting me vent.  I’m off to accomplish a few more things before the technician shows up to…. replace yet another computer. *sigh*



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