Zikle – Pattern 9 of 12


Here’s another pattern inspired by one of the ornaments that hangs on our Christmas tree. I like the way the curves in his beard hairs and the sharp corners of the crystal below him contrast against each other.  I thought this would make for an interesting pattern.  What do you think?


This pattern may be about as simple as they come, but it has lots of creative options.  You can stack it, draw the shapes in rows, cluster them to make fun little snowflake shapes, or even run them along a string.   Here’s the pattern worksheet:

~ Cindy


  1. Thanks so much for this and all the others! You have helped me *see* patterns finally! LOL Keep up the excellent work and inspiration!!

    • You are welcome Debbie. I’m glad this series has helped you identify pattern in your world a little easier. Have a wonderful doodley day!

  2. The name ‘Zikle’ reminds me of Kris Kringle and a snowflake and an icicle! And I love the pattern! I am blessed by your imagination.

  3. It would make a pretty piece of silver or gold-fill jewelry!

    • Oh you are so right. I hadn’t seen that before, but this design could easily be used for a pendent. I’ll have to pass that idea along to my daughter who plays in the creative jewelry world.



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