Does your art reflect where you are in life, in your creative explorations, what’s going on in your world?  Mine almost always does.  When I was younger and in art classes at school that was not always the case.  Back then when I approached the lessons I looked at each project as doing what was expected to make the grade.

Now after years of  “finding myself” and my own creative interests I find I create projects that please me and art that is from my heart.  So wherever I am in life or whatever is going on in my little world is what shows up in my creations.

Sometimes my “life events” silently pepper my projects in tiny pieces that  are usually camouflaged.  At other times, such as in my personal creative collage journals, the entire page spread speaks of the current events in my world. Then there are times when it’s not so much the personal side of me that I express, but it’s more the creative journey I’m traveling that comes across.  I’ll sometimes show this through working with favorite media mixed with new colors or techniques I’m playing with at the time.

I recently did a page spread in one of my drawing art journals where I offered a glimpse of my current creative interests…. along with a wee bit of my personal life too.

Our last Inspire, Inspire Art-Journal prompt was Springy Thingy and I did a little ditty that combined my current interest in dangles with the bright and vibrant colors I’m currently having a blast with.  And in the midst of it all I experimented with some funky tube like objects that have absolutely nothing at all to do with spring.  But because I’m working my way through a “steam punk” theme art challenge right now, it just seemed right to add a bit of metal to the otherwise light and wispy lines on this set of pages.

On the journaling side of my page spread I wrote out a few lines of text that expressed my thoughts about the things that represent spring for me this year.  And then I added a few shapes and objects of my spring thoughts into the creative page parts of my pages.



This was one of those page spreads where the patterns used are placed sparingly across the page and only one tiny little filler pattern.  Which is totally outside the norm for me as I usually have several areas thick with fillers.  LOL  Nevertheless the page is one that is totally from my heart –  strange punky pipes and all.

So now I repeat the question to you – Does your art reflect where you are in life, in your creative explorations, what’s going on in your world?  If so, in what way?  I’d love to know more about you and your art.  I do hope you’ll share your thoughts on this in a comment below.

~ Cindy




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