Ever have one of those days where all your time was accounted for in your plans and nothing was to interrupt the flow (or else)?  Well that was my yesterday and all was going according to plan until about 3:30/4:00 when an unexpected guest showed up and quite frankly overstayed their welcome.  My entire afternoon and evening was blown to smitherines.  And I don’t even know what smitherines is!  LOL

This morning I’ve had a rough start, but I *think* things are getting better and starting to run more smoothly again.  At least this cuppa coffee is helping me feel that way. 😉  I hope I didn’t disrupt your weekend too much by dropping the ball on yesterday’s posting and then getting this one off-the-press a little late in the morning.

Maybe  I can help get things going better with the usual First Sunday of the Month Sunday Circular template.  I hope so anyway!  Click on the image below to download the PDF version of this template and have a go at creating a beautiful mandala drawing with it.


Captured Sunrise

Here’s my contribution for this one on this bright and cheerful morning….. which is going to turn into a most excellent day!!!!  I just know it is! 😀

Captured Sunrise

Here’s a VERY, VERY short video clip showing this drawing from start to finish:


Catching Up from Yesterday

I have a new creative journal project I’m going to start this week and I’ll be sharing that info with you either this evening or tomorrow (since I didn’t get that posting accomplished yesterday as planned).  I hope you’ll grab yourself a blank sketchbook and join me in the fun!  I’ll chatter that info out to you soon!

Happy First Day of 2012 Everyone.  It’s going to be a GREAT YEAR!!!!
~ Cindy



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