Wahoo!  It’s time once again for a new Circular Sunday template for you to jump start your next Mandala/Zendala project.  Click the template picture below to download your pdf version of today’s template and have a blast with it.

Seven Shells Mandala

Here’s a little something I created using the above template.


Drawing my Sunday Circular Mandala

Here’s a video showing you the drawing phases working towards my final Seven Shells creation.


Mandalas – No Two are the Same

I think it’s really fun to see all the different mandalas that can come from a single template.  Just look at the screen clip below and you can see that every creative soul puts their own spin on it and the mandalas are always totally uniquely different.  Yours will be too.  And I do hope you’ll share your creations with me so I can see what you’ve come up with using this template!


You can still go back and pick up the Aug template if you missed it.  And check out what our featured artist, Jeannie did with it too!

Oh what doodley fun we can have with this!
~ Cindy

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