I created this City Scape pattern to be used as a border around straight edge shapes.  However, once I finished it up I learned that it looks pretty cool on smooth edges and even as a filler sometimes.


Here’s a little video to show you how to line-weave it:


This bookmark that’s pictured on the right is an example of how you can use it to fill in shapes or even make it the main feature of a doodled project.

This pattern that I Zenned as “Scaper” – represents a very basic city skyline, but you could take this shape completely out of context and simply make it an edger on any type of shape.

Between the final projects shown in the video (above) and this bookmark sampler too – I hope I’ve given you some ideas on how you may want to use this unique tangle in your next doodle! If you do, please post a picture of it online and share the link with me so I can see what fun things you’re doing with the pattern too!

Grab the Tangle Pattern Worksheet

Download the pattern worksheet that’s in pdf format or right-click on the worksheet below and save it to your computer.  It’ll print on a letter size sheet of paper. Then tuck it into your stash of line weaving patterns so you’ll have it around the next time you’re looking for something completely different for your sketch pad.

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