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I have a couple of templates to share with you today.  You are welcome to download the files, print them out, and use them however you want.

I know that many of you have worthy causes you are passionate about and many of them have “awareness” events that also include colored ribbons.  So I have one awareness ribbon that is large enough for a full page and three smaller ones just perfect for adding to standard size greeting cards.

I hope you’ll enjoy adding some fun patterns to them and coloring them according to the programs you support, or pass them along to anyone else to do the same thing with!


Prompt for the Migraine and Headache Awareness Month #2: “X-Men: Migraine & Headache Disorders Super Heroes: Who in your life goes above the call of duty and how?

Hero: A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities

My Greg.  My Rock.  My Soulmate.

I am the number one luckiest woman in the world!  It was later in life and after I broke away from a difficult marriage, that I met my soulmate, Greg.  Through this migraine battle he has been by my side and has never wavered or shied away from the healthcare challenges that presented themselves as my disease went from episodic to chronic.  Everyday he is here to help me through the logistics of man-handling the migraine beast.  He doesn’t just take on assisting with all the physical and environmental needs, (like cold wash cloths, dark quiet rooms, medication errands, etc) but he also is my tower of strength when the mental challenges come about too.  He cheers me on when I feel weakened.  He encourages me to find the happy little moments even when nothing seems to be there to smile about.

I definitely push “to the edges” with my Greg.  He doesn’t flinch or delay even a second when asked to do something I can’t seem to do on my own.  He’s the one who gently holds me in his arms when I need a cocoon of comfort.  He’s had to learn along the way which things I can handle and which things I can’t; how to maneuver around my quirky needs; learn when to step in and when to step out in order to help the situation.  It’s been a frustrating guessing game for both of us, but he’s been the stronger one through it all.

Like Superman, my Greg also has his Kryptonite too.  He can’t stand to see me in pain.  He hates needles as much as me and blood makes him squeamish.  LOL  Yet, he was still there for me the first time I had my BOTOX/nerve block injections, holding my hand in spite of the needles, blood, and occasional wincing from his Cindy.  He stepped dangerously close to the Kryptonite and hung in there with me like a true hero.  Just as he always does.  I am thankful everyday that he is my partner in life!

I Love Metallic Gelly Roll Pens on Black!

Hurray To the Doctors Who Show Compassion

I have several heroes and heroines in my life!  My previous neurologist/migraine specialist was Dr Culcia.  He was the first neurologist I had that I could truly say acted as though he gave 3-hoots about my welfare.  And believe me, I’ve seen a dozen of them that didn’t have a bedside manner that included delivering a sense of compassion or understanding, much less caring.  He is my hero not just because he genuinely listens to the full conversation of his patients, but also because he constantly stayed informed of the latest migraine information.  The only reason I’m no longer his patient is because he moved to a different state.  Something about falling in love, getting married, moving to be nearer to her, etc.  Go figure – he’d move away from this whiney patient to be closer to the love of his life.  The nerve of that guy!  LOL

Well before this hero flew off to help fight for the weary migraineurs in Montana – he compassionately helped me through the never-ending task of identifying my migraine triggers.  He tirelessly worked with me through the trial and errors of many different drug therapies as we attempted to find preventive meds, abortives, and pain killers that would help me manage my disease.  He opened my eyes to setting REALISTIC goals for myself.  Time and time again he and his staff submitted requests and rebuttals to the insurance company denial letters.  The battle was long and tiring, but he hung in there with me even when I was ready to toss in the towel.

He helped me learn that there are truly doctors who care and are willing to take on patients with the most challenging migraine condition.  Unlike so many doctors before him, he never said to me, “I can’t do anything more for you.”   Nor did he tell me my headaches were simply my imagination and I needed to learn how to not be so stressed.  And for that I will always be grateful.  Had it not been for his professionalism and standard of care and for his willingness to continue researching options and possibilities – I think I would still be a bitter patient with little hope in my heart.

As he left for his new practice he passed me along to my new Neurologist, Dr Kerber.  She too is a terrific migraine specialist who delivers her services with a giant helping of sincerity and knowledge.  She is now one of my heroines who’s Wonder Woman like cape I am always grateful to see in my hour of need!  Doctors Culcia and Kerber have both helped to keep me in charge of my migraine illness rather than letting it rule my life.

Migraineurs Hold a Soft Spot in My Heart

Migraineurs have super powers too.  Sometimes they develop immediately upon arrival of the disease, and sometimes they develop over time.  Ellen, one of the patient educators/advocates over at Migraine.com describes these super hero, X-Men like powers in her article: Migraine Superheroes.  It’s a tongue-in-cheek story that will give you a giggle and have you saying, “hey – I can relate to that”… or “I know someone who can relate to that” – throughout just about every paragraph!  😀  I hope you’ll check it out.

You’re my Hero Too!

I have received so many personal email messages today in support of my posting yesterday and several nice comments on my blog too!  Wowsa.  I never expected that sort of response.  I do want to take a minute to tell you all how very much I appreciate you and your kind words.  You’re just the bestest of the best!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank You!

Hugs to you All!
~ Cindy



  1. Cindy, you are indeed blest in your husband and life-mate/partner/best friend/soulmate. i, too, am so blest, with a hub who has seen me through two bouts of breast cancer, essential, life-long depression, arthritis and resulting surgeries, and on, and on. but my hub (and i use that lovename for a reason–he’s the hub around which I revolve in this turn on my personal, karmic wheel. so, while we have had our trials and tribulations, we are able to deal with them due to these truly priceless relationships. and, if you don’t mind, I’d like to add you to my prayer list–but only if it’s ok with you. Blessings.

    • Susannah, how very kind of you to offer your prayers! Thank you for your comforting thoughts.

      I love the way you look at your life partner as a wheel hub who helps keep things turning well in your life. It’s such a blessing indeed to have a support system that includes your spouse.

      Hugs to you and well wishes as the two of you continue along your journey!
      ~ Cindy

  2. Cindy, what a great take on the superhero theme! I love this post and am so glad I accidentally found it. and your graphics are so fun. Your little spot in the blogosphere makes me smile 😀

    You are doing such a great job with these, please be sure you add your link on each day’s prompt so we won’t miss seeing them and tweeting and sharing the love <3 You can find this day's comments/links here: http://www.fightingheadachedisorders.com/2013/06/migraine-headache-awareness-x-men.html#comments

    • Thanks Ellen for your thoughtfulness. I have had issues with that website not accepting my comments so I could join in the link lovin’s. Teri has looked into it, but as yet-no joy. Computers can be so stubborn sometimes! No worries though. I will continue to do my part during this campaign month just the same.

      So come on back and see my entries as you have time and energies to do so. Wishing you happy thoughts and painless days!

      ~ Cindy

  3. I just want to say I LOVE yout blog. As a lifelong migraine sufferer and doodler I’m delighted to have found someone who seems like a kindred spirit. Doodles make me happy. Lately when I’m feeling a bit insecure, I take my sketch book upstairs with me when I go to bed so it’s the first and last thing I see in a day. Doodling is one of the best stress-relievers I’ve come across and that’s saying a lot since I’ve also been studying Zen for almost 20 years!!! When I’m too stressed out even for meditation, doodling makes me feel good again.

    I LOVE your YouTube videos about “Zendoodle” art. I’ve been doing this since early childhood because I was terribly ostracized right from the start and all throughout and bullied mercilessly. I remember being the only child to ask to stay indoors during recess in 2nd grade to draw doodle art instead of being teased and harassed by my peers. I have ZERO talent so I would take a black crayon and make a big scribble on a blank sheet of paper. Then, I would color in the shapes created within the scribble, each separated from the others by black crayon so that the results looked like abstract stained glass windows. I loved doing them because they did look good but mostly because they made me relaxed and able to think well of myself even when all those around me found me unacceptable.

    Thanks for sharing your immense creativity and for making this world a more beautiful and happier place. Don’t stop drawing!

    • It kind of hurts my heart to read such self-denigration. I’ll bet your abstract stained-glass crayon doodles were beautiful–and that they fed your soul. I hope you will try to re-examine your doodles and see them for what they truly are: real, true art. It’s wonderful that you keep your doodle journal on your nightstand. You already know that you nourish your own soul with it and the work you do. Bless you.


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