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It’s been a forever long time since I posted on my blog and I must say that I have truly missed the conversations that came from here.

What’s Goin’ On…

June of last year is when I last offered an update here and I was in the middle of a series of articles about migraine awareness. And wouldn’t you know it – long about that time my health went kaput on me! Just after returning home from a little vacation time back home, things went down hill fast and it has taken me up until just recently to return to a life of shared artful activity again.

I’ve continued to accomplish some creations here and there while I was missing in action, but certainly not as much as I’m accustomed to. And because staying off the computer was part of my healing process, I didn’t get to show-n-tell as much as I enjoy sharing either.  I’m finally getting back up to speed with things. And I will start posting pictures, new patterns, and other goodies on this little corner of the web again very soon!

I started reconnecting with folks in our LineWeaving forums this last month too.  Joined a couple of swaps and I’m even hosting a collaborative book project right now as well. There was some concern about jumping back into too much, too quickly. But I took things slow and I’m feeling the snail pace re-introduction to these activities has worked well for me. I still have some major restrictions at work. However, yesterday I got a full green-light-means-go from my doctor on all things away from the office. Wahoo! It’s good to be back!

Speaking of Work

As a result of my health challenges, I’m making some major changes with my j-o-b.  Namely I’m retiring from my government position.  Everyone please stand up and do a happy dance for good ol’ Cindy!  Even though this event is happening a bit out of sync and through a non-traditional route – the change-a-roo is a most happy and welcomed one.  This will pretty much be my last full-time work week at the base.  I’m taking 12-weeks off straight while we wait (with bated breath) for my retirement package to be approved.  The sigh of relief in our house is audible!

So whatever shall I do with myself now?  Oh no worries my friends, I have tons of creative juices flowing here and my art-studio doth calleth my name!  LOL  There are drawings to be matted and framed, book pages to be journalized, paints to be splashed and glue to stick on all sorts of fun projects!  Taking it slow and easy as I go of course – but moving forward just the same!

When I’m not playing in the studio there will be house cleaning to catch up on.  Note the priority is on creative play before chores.  Retirement does have such privileges – doesn’t it?!  😀  Oh the joy!

My Artful Mojo is Back in Action!

While I was out of pocket my Line Weaving friends kept things clicking along at a good pace in our community forums and for that I am eternally grateful! Betsie jumped in to make sure folks who applied for membership weren’t left hanging for too long.  Our active members kept the chatter going strong.  And Miss Janelle, who’s heart is as big as an ocean has hosted swaps and special events constantly!  To all of you I owe a giant thank you!!!!!

One of the ongoing projects Janelle keeps us busy on is her “Mojo Challenges.”  Every week she posts 4- pattern names that we are challenged to use in a single drawing project and then post our results in the gallery.  When I popped out of site we had just finished challenge number 5 I think.  And this past week she posted out challenge number 46!  So I’m playing catch up now.  Here’s the drawing I did for Mojo #39:


Patterns: mallowbuds – yabbut – pokeroot – shnocking

I have received many kind words of encouragement from friends and family during these past 7 months of struggle and it has been much appreciated.  To all of you who have had me in your thoughts and prayers and to everyone who has sent me cards and emails – I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I’m a very lucky gal to have you in my life.

It’s good to be back my friends!


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