Remember few weeks past when I shared with you my  Birds of a Feather ATC swap invitation?  Well several folks were interested in the project and we had a wonderful group of swap participants.  And I received many requests for instruction on how to draw the doodled birds. And here are those steps in an easy-to-follow e-book!  It includes seven worksheets with fun little bird patterns easy enough to follow for just about anyone of any age.

I intended to post it out to you all at the same time I re-launched my online store.  But I didn’t get the store finished in time.  Nevertheless I didn’t want to hold off any longer.  So I”m releasing the book today anyway and making it available from my Art-Shopette site (where I’ll soon have the rest of my products re-loaded into the new store front).

I hope you don’t mind clicking over there to grab your copy, because storing in one location just makes things easier for me.  Click here to access the download page!

This book is delivered in PDF format so you can load it into your favorite e-reading device and take it with you wherever you happen to be sketching.  I encourage you to keep it in digital format and not use up any more of our paper resources when it isn’t necessary.


~ Cindy/PChip


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