Here’s one of my latest line-weaving tangle patterns that I call Round-Peg Square – zenned, “Rosquire.” It’s a quick and easy one to learn how to draw and it works well as a focal design, a filler, and it can even be used along a border/string too.

Download my free pdf version of this tangled pattern to add to your pattern collection or simply save the jpg image below.

Rosquire - Zentanlge Pattern worksheet



View this video for  my little show-and-tell session on how to draw it.  Enjoy!


Here’s an ATC I scribbled out using this pattern as the main design.  I call this one Drink from Life.

Drink from Life doodle project

Drink from Life

Enjoy adding this line weave design to your creations and please let me know if you do – so I can see how you’re using it.  I love seeing other works of art by tangley enthusiasts!

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