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In Sandy Steen Bartholomew’s book Yoga for Your Brain a Zentangle Workout, she talks about embracing your own style.  She was definitely speaking my language in her chapter titled “What Do You Love“.  She encourages her readers to recognize their style and use it in their art-work.  It’s a concept I use in much of what I do.

If you were a in guest at my home you’d see that in the many gardens around my yard as well as throughout the interior of my house I have wrought iron decor with flourish designs and curly Q’s.  Of course in my gardens, but also amongst the Southwestern/Santa Fe/Country decor inside I have scatterings of wild flower too.  In the fabric prints, wall hangings with florals and grasses and even my wardrobe has much the same.  I have so many things in my closet that include florals sewn around collors, splashed on skirts, and jewelry pieces to match. Speaking of jewelry – yep that’s another place where I’m drawn to those curly ends.  I’ve taken these same elements into my art work.


17 Doodle Patterns to Line Weave

Whether I’m line weaving, rubber stamping on cards, scrapbooking, painting, wood-burning, or doing any sort of free-hand design on a project – I am so very often drawn to patterns that include long lines with swirls at the end.  I include leaves, petals, and other things that suggest “growth.”  I even dry the plants in my yard and include them in my handmade papers and crafty project.  Look around my  Flickr gallery and you’ll see these same things in the little pieces of art I share online.

In my Line-Weaving, many times I express this style with wild-flower/botanical looking patterns.  These designs mimic the plants I have in my yard and in the prairies around me.  This garden-theme element is part of my lifestyle and part of my art style.  Consequently I’ve created a wide variety of these little “plant-like” line-weave designs.

I thought today would be a good time to share some of these patterns with you.  Here’s a how-to video showing the easy steps to accomplish 17 of these doodley designs.  The video is a bit longer than most of the videos I share here, but I think you’ll find it worth the extra time to view if you like whimsical plants or want to try your hand at drawing them.  Be careful when you start practicing them though.  They can get addictive. 😀


Design Worksheets Available

This go around giving you just one worksheet for all these designs simply isn’t going to work. I’ve put as many similar one’s as I can on each worksheet to help minimize the pages and I hope you don’t mind popping over to my Pattern Set at Flickr to grab them.  Adding them all to this blog post would make the page too graphic intensive and load slowly.  Just click the picture below and it will take you to the gallery where you can find all these worksheets and download them as you please.  Give me a shout if you have any difficulty doing it this way.  I can always still add them here if that’s what folks would prefer. Just let me know.

Stem-Topper Categories

Did you notice that some of the stem-topper designs are drawn over the stem line, while others are drawn as if they are resting at the top of the stem?  Well that’s how my worksheets for these patterns are listed.  Some I refer to as “Drawn Over the Stem” and for the ones sitting on top of the stem I’ve listed them as “Drawn Above the Stem”.

Have fun with them!
~ Cindy

P.S.  I have a fun project I’ll be starting in just a few days and I’m hoping you’ll jump in and let your muse play along with mine.  Keep your eyes open for my upcoming “Inspire, Inspire” Line-Weaving project.  It’s one we can all have fun with!


Inside View

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