Here’s a line-weave doodle project I created not too long ago using red ink. In the end the two large tear drop shapes at either end is what stood out in my mind. They look like the front of a tuxedo to me for some reason. Hence the name of the piece.

This brings me to a question to ask fellow Line Weavers. How do you go about naming your creations? Based on a feeling you had while drawing them? Something about the look of your final outcome? Do you use a different method or do you simply leave them unnamed?  My curious little mind wants to know.


Tuxedo Tears Zentangle Inspired Doodle

Tuxedo Tears


Artful Credits:

In the center of this piece you can see my take on the official Zentangle® pattern called Cadent.  See the December 2007 Zentangle® newsletter for instructions on how to draw it.  And then the Zentangle® blog post on July 31 2010 for several variations on the tangle.

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