This is an archived posting from my previous website “Chips Antidotal Wanderings” – a personal blog about family, creative moments, and pain management activities in my life. That blog was active from 2004-2011.

I’m a bit frustrated.  Need to vent for a while.

So here’s my 1st rant for the day. You know the shots I’ve been getting for my migraines that cost upwards of $1,300? Well the insurance company has decided they aren’t going to cover them anymore. UGH! We finally find something that works pretty good for me (this procedure cut my migraine frequency in half!)… and the insurance company says, “No can do. You’re on your own now.” I am not a happy camper this day!

My second rant? Well since converting my blogger to the new (and improved???) google blogger – My customized template doesn’t work the way I want it to anymore. Poo!  When I did recent upgrades to my personal website, the blogging component went haywire as well. So now blogs all over the place are just so screwed up! Ugh… change isn’t always so fab-dab-u-lous.

But I will survive! The computer WILL NOT win! It will not. It must not. I simply won’t let it! After all, it’s just a machine.

Stomping feet, rolling eyes, squealing out profanities, punching pillows….. okay, settling down now. Hissy-fit over. Back to the drawing board and ready to set my sights on wading through all the paper work that’s necessary for yet another insurance appeal, and new blog templates. Not exactly what I had planned for my weekend. But hey – at least it’s another 3-dayer. 🙂

Moving to Better Things Now

So — let’s move on to stuff that is much more fun! How about a new digi-LO? This one features the oldest daughter with her husband. I’ve had this song title floating around in my brain all week long. Thought if I did something creative with it, I might be able to move onto other things. LOL.

Kevin and Tami

The steel blue paper in the background is from Traci Murphy’s Uptown kit. I grabbed it up from SrapArtist I used a couple of swirly brushes from Obsidiandawn also. Grunged up the paper and swirls just a bit and changed a color photo to black and white.

Captured this little moment of affection when we were in Montana for Kev’s graduation a few years back. And now we’re preparing for Boo’s graduation this year. I can’t believe how quickly time flies!



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