I recently launched a new (on-going) challenge in the CHW forums.  For this challenge we’ll be viewing a video or two about every 10 days or so and looking for ways to incorporate what we see into a project of our own.  The projects don’t have to be just like what we learn in the videos.  They are really just meant to help our members jump start their muse into doing something creative.

Pinwheel Greeting Card

So in our first video the crafty artist shared a pinwheel design element that can be put on the front of a greeting card or used on a scrappy page  very easily.  And so I set out to making one myself.  I didn’t use the exact same measurements in my project.  Instead I simply used my small square punch to make the pinwheel “petals” and then eye-balled how big the bottom blocks of cardstock had to be.  Then went on from there.  Here’s the card I came up with for that video prompt.

This was so easy to do.  Much easier than it looks actually!

Masking with a Doily

The next video showed us a basic masking technique that I’ve seen and used often in the past.  This time, using a doily for the mask.  I love doilies on valentine cards.  They are so romantic looking.  So of course this video prompted me to use the technique again.  And here’s what I came up with:

I’m not sure why, but I’ve sure been drawn to purples and pinks lately.  LOL  I think all three of these cards will make wonderful greetings for my family at Valentines this year.  Of course I’m going to need more than just three cards.  So I did up a few more too.

This time I inked around the doily after placing it on a piece of patterned paper, just to see if I like the affect.  And I actually do like it.  Especially after adding the big ribbon to the front of the card. I think it adds a very feminine touch to this card.

More Greeting Cards

When I was finished using my doily to ink the other cards I couldn’t just throw it out.  Oh come on now – you know I wouldn’t do that.  So instead I cut it so the purple and pink inks I used earlier became primary color on doily piece of it’s own.  Then I added these pieces to individual cards.

I think these design elements along with the ribbons and stipple coloring along the edges of these cards – makes for a quick and easy – yet elegantly simple set of cards.  What do you think?

These were very easy cards to make and using the videos to prompt me to create them was fun too.  ~Cindy

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