Most everyone has a page (or two… or more) in their creative journals that incorporates the use of text presented in an artful way.  Since I haven’t done one of those in my Inspire, Inspire journal for 2012 yet – it’s time to get with it!

Ways to Add Creative Text

There are so many different ways to doodle in text that I could go on and on, but I’m afraid I’d lose your interest for sure.  Here are a few ways you may want to include some words in your journal as you build your pages through the year:

  • Draw wavy lines across the page.  Then fill in each open space with letters the same height as the spaces.  Writing along the path as you go.
  • Draw open face/block letters for words you want to include and then tangle patterns into the spaces of the letters.
  • Create a Repeat Pattern Stack with letters and phrases to show on your pages.
  • Draw a basic shape with your pencil, and then fill that with text.  Erase the line when you are finished.
  • Sketch out a random string and fill it with patterns.  Then “walk” your words around the outer edge of the string-ed shape(s) you’ve included on the page.

Words to Consider

Your next question might be “what text do I include on the page?” I suspect that’s really going to depend completely on your mood at the moment.  If you get stuck for ideas though, consider the words of your favorite song or a poem you like.  Maybe consider a mantra you like to use or hope to incorporate into your life for a while.  A favorite quote.  The name(s) of loved ones.  Write out the season you are currently in and work patterns into it that seem to represent the feelings associated with the season.  — Or just let single words represent a string of thoughts you may be having as you work through your page.





Have a wonderful day everyone!






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