I know it’s been a forever long time since I shared a new pattern.  How would you like it if I shared several during the next few days to try and make up for my slackiness?!

Pattern: Mirrky

Let’s start off with a little pattern I call Mirrky.  It’s similar to some of the others out there that have a worm-like quality.   The steps can be a wee bit confusing if you have challenges with creating 3-D looking affects.  I hope this explanation and the pattern worksheet below help make it easier!

  1. First draw a curvy line with mountains and valleys.  Making them wide will help you learn the pattern easier.
  2. Then draw a parallel line along side the first line you drew
  3. Next start at the top of each mountain and add another parallel line just to the right of the mountain.  Your line should connect near the inside-center of the bottom of the valley curve.  Then fill in this space so it appears to be solid.
  4. Now go back and start at the bottom of the outside part of each valley and draw a parallel line just to the right of the valley.  Your line should connect near the center of the top of the mountain curve.  Fill in this space so it appears to be solid also.

Zentangle Lineweaving pattern called Mirrky - by Cindy angiel

Mirrky Tips

  • If you keep each of your solid areas to the right of the mountain and valleys you’ll end up with a 3-D looking design.  Alternatively you can keep these solid areas to the left.  However, if you mix them up so they are on the left and right  – your design won’t give the correct 3-D illusion.
  • When adding multiple patterns to your page, shadow anywhere it appears the Mirrky pattern sits on top of the pattern below and it will add to the dimensional look.
  • Add additional patterns inside the “white space” of your Mirrky pattern for even more fun!

Mirrky, Meydum and InWave

Here’s a sampler I did putting Mirrky in the background.  The other two patterns shown in this sampler are Meydum and InWave.  I’ll share the pattern worksheets for those later in the week when I have more time to get them sketched out.

 Tangled Sampler by Cindy Angiel - includes Mirrky, Meydum and InWave patterns

I hope you enjoy the pattern and share it around the web so others can have fun with it too!  Would appreciate any link lovin’s you share as well.  😀



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