I’m sending out a special THANK YOU

… to Jeannie who recently sent me a copy of a beautiful Mandala she drew using last months Circular Sunday template.  I’m always tickled to see what others are doing when prompted with inspirations from the Rainbow Elephant.

Her mandala is a wonderful example of how artists can create something completely unique using a shared starter template.  Here’s what she did with it:

The “X” pattern along the outer rim combined with the swirlies is a fun contrast that gives this project a whimsical feel to it.  Her swirlies remind me of the top part of an iron gate one might see surrounding a castle.  🙂  But my most favorite part of this creation is the way Jeannie did her shading around the inner circle creating 3-D elements with the oval and pearl like shapes she added.

Jeannie, you took this template and weaved some fantastic lines in and around it!  I love your mandala and thank you sincerely for sharing with me… and for letting me share it with other Rainbow Elephant readers.  You are so very kind and talented too.

An Invitation to All

It’s been fun sharing Jeannie’s work with you this go around and passing along some well deserved kudos to her.  I would love to feature other artists on my blog as well.  If you find yourself inspired by any of the RainbowElephant.com postings and you’ve created drawing projects or new patterns as a result, please do share them with me.  You can send a link to where you’re posting your artworks online, email me a picture at cindyangiel[at]gmail[dot]com, or simply leave a message here on my blog letting me know what you’ve been up to. Your comments are always welcomed and truly enjoyed!

Coming this Sunday

And on that note let me remind you that this Sunday I’ll be posting another Circular Sunday template.  If you didn’t pick up last months, mosey on over to the post and pick it up today.  Then come on back this Sunday for another new one!

~ Cindy

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