Drawing Tips and Sunny Grid Doodley Pattern



Here’s a video I pulled together to offer you a few tips on how to change up a really simple pattern (like Sunny Grid).  By flexing your creative muscles to go from drawing lines, to dots and dashes or by adding thicker markings you can give a totally new look to any pattern!


Sunny Grid Pattern Video:

Save and Print Pattern Worksheet:



In the video I offered you a glimpse of an altered book layout I did using both the Sunny Grid pattern as well as the Sunny Grass pattern (from last weeks blog post).  I’m working to finish up a video showing the creative process for that page spread.  Should be done by tomorrow if all goes well.  And I’ll post it straight away!

Have a fabulous weekend!




  1. Is it not amazing what adding a few lines or pen widths can do to a pattern doodle. thanks soooo much for your videos, helpful hints and tips

  2. I got so much from this!thank you!

  3. Sunny and sweet…great as a light airy filler. Subscribed to your channel.

  4. Thank you for this video. It was very helpful. Great how a few lines can change the overall look so much.

  5. Glad folks are liking the video. I enjoy sharing them with you all. Thank you for your comments!!!

  6. Hi, I purchased your down load package, however I have not received either the confirmation email or the downloads. will you check on it for me. Thank you

    • Jo,
      I do not show any orders under the gmail account you used for this message. Please email me directly with your transaction number from PayPal.



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