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Another Artistamp Share!

Well I’m at it again. Designing my first Artistamp in May. I did two last month (Safari and Cup-o-Luv). Not sure how many I’ll get to this month. This one will be published with the last two (sometime in 2007). Here’s the creative process I used for my “Yoga Moment” artistamp.

This one came about as a result of some synergy that was going on in my life during the last two weeks. I picked up a new yoga book a while back because it had a couple of poses in it I was interested in. It sat on my table for several days before I finally picked it up. One of the poses (not the one I used for this artistamp) looked extremely creative to me and I had a weird dream about using a similar clip in a collage project. Last week I thought again about using a yoga pose on an artistamp design sometime in the future and told myself to start looking for one that would be fun. Then I came across this advertisement that had a yoga pose on it that I liked. Then Carolyn? mentioned her new exercise goals in her blog and I mentioning yoga in my response. Finally I paid attention to the synergy that was flowing through the air, and my creative muse that had been smacking me up side the head saying, “Hey you… listen up!.” I decided that I better make my self sit down and create before the ideas slipped from my mind, like so many others have in the past.

First I used the advertisement (that was crumpled up in the bottom of my purse) as my guide to draw the rough outline of this pose. The advertisement featured a male figure with a loose fitting shirt and pants on. I wanted a thinner figure of no particular gender, and unclothed. After scanning my sketch into the computer, I tweeked it a bit more, making the lines smoother and finalizing my shape.

Then I added splashes of colors to the inside of my line drawing, using one of the default paint brushes in a graphics program. I played around with the direction and size of the figure until I came up with what is pictured in the purple stamp frame below. See how easy it is to come up with fun art?!

Yoga Stamp - Process


Artistamp Projects

Here’s an ATC I made using my new design. It’s one in a set of 10 I did for the monthly artistamp swap I participate in. I also made a couple of cards using my artistamps.

Yoga Artistamp ATC

I have several left from the first print. Give me a shout if you’d like to have one of these extras. I’ll offer them as freebies to the first 3 people who mention to me that they read this blog entry. Leave a message here or email me (cindy at crafthappy dot com) if you are interested in the freebie artistamps.


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